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Injection Molding Machine

Designed with an obsession with detail, packed with technical innovations.


NEO·T Toggle System Injection Molding Machine

≤460t≤1088tToggle systemHydraulic

NEO·T adhering to the design concept of minimalist elegance, every line, every detail, every piece are born for the optimization of performance.


NEO·H ‖ Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine

≤1088t≤7000tTwo-platen structureHydraulic

Tederic is deeply committed to the injection molding industry, backed by professional experience. The NEO·H ‖ series is a collection of innovative patented technologies with flexible and rich functional configurations to provide you with professional...


NEO·E ‖ All Electric Injection Molding Machine

≤460tToggle systemElectric

With the brand concept of extreme purity, pioneer and high performance, and excellent technological innovation. NEO·E ‖ has superb electric technology and rich application experience.


NEO·Ms Opposite Injection Molding Machine with Horizontal Rotary Turntable

≤2720tTwo-platen structureElectric+HydraulicHydraulic

NEO·Ms, the winner of the Industry Innovation Award, has a compact mechanical structure, excellent performance, and easy implementation of multi-purpose machines.

NEO·Mv Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine with Vertical Rotary Turntable

≤460t≤1920tToggle systemTwo-platen structureElectric+HydraulicHydraulic

NEO·Mv has industry-leading multi-color injection molding technology, flexible modularization, professional customized design, to meet your diverse process needs. Tederic continues to innovate and explore the possibilities of injection molding.


DT. Toggle System Injection Molding Machine

≤1088t≤7000tToggle structureHydraulic

DT series classic hydraulic precision elbow injection molding machine, with nearly one hundred intellectual property rights and patents.


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