Where are the H2 tags in Google Blogger?

Where are the H2 tags in Blogger? 

Where are the H2 tags?

HTML has a heading system, like an outline. 

The title of the post is H1, and the subpoints are H2.  As far as I know you can have as many h2 tags as you need. Wordpress and Blogger handle it differently. 

It is available in Blogger, but disguised. 

I didn't. This was a source of frustration today. One pundit on the web suggested that you had to add the <h2> and </h2> tags manually via the HTML editor. 

The HTML Editor in Blogger is pretty rudimentary. 

It sorely needs a 'pretty HTML' switch. Pretty HTML, if you are not familiar, takes your HTML and formats with line breaks and tabs so that the structure is easily readable by humans. So manually adding the tags is not the best solution.

One could paste the HTML into another editor.

The  trick would be to take the HTML, paste it into  your favorite HTML editor and then copy-and-paste it back when done editing.  Oh, bother...

There is a much easier way...
Screenshot from Google Blogger showing H1,H2,H3 tags
Heading is the <h2> tag.

In Blogger, Heading corresponds to H2.  

Major Heading is H1, Heading is H2. Subheading, Minor Heading, Paragraph, and Normal complete the set. So, I'm not pleased to have to delve into H1,H2,H3 tag issues, as it is the type of behind-the-scenes admin activity that turned me against Wordpress. (I've thought I might like Wordpress hosted, where I relinquish the administrative duties of running a blog to the hosting company so that I can focus on  content production. )

BTW, Blogger seems to be much speedier than Wordpress. 

I am seeing a rendering speed of 97 on Google's tool for checking your website's page rendering speed. I've never seen anything close to that on the Wordpress websites with which I have been associated without delving into additional fees for faster hosts, using a caching utility, or involving a Content Delivery Network.

So, there are always a few kinks to any new endeavor...

Day 5, Stay Safe, Dan