A Process of Posting Develops

I have been posting first in what I call "raw text". It is simply plain text paragraphs. It is a way to get my thoughts on paper as posts. I will later go back and add common formatting elements and graphics. 

So, if you are reading a post and it is nothing but text, it is a recent addition to the site and I've not yet finished editing it. 

Table of Contents

Within the posts themselves, I believe there should be a table of contents. There is not. Again Wordpress makes this easier with add-ins. In a search of the Blogger realm on Google, I have not found what I wanted. I may turn to javascript.  The table-of-contents has been tabled at the moment.

Stylistic Changes

I have decided to add "Diary of a Weblog Writer" to the posts in this journal section. I believe it will help Google classify the posts.  "WeblogWriter". I have decided that "WeblogWriter" run together is not helping Google indexing.

Google's Spider has found me

Spider on sand representing the Googlebot spider
"Google Spider" (Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash)

Granted it was not a surprise. I submitted the sitemap a few days ago. I am now seeing the posts appear in Google search results. I'm not yet ranking for any keywords. I did not expect to yet. The way one checks a website for how many pages are indexed in Google is by this command on the Google screen. "site:weblogwriter.com" will come back with how many pages are indexed. This works on any domain, not just domains you own.  

How many pages are indexed?

I have the grand total of 7 pages indexed in Google. You'll read a lot of untruths out there. Google doesn't index blogspot.com sites. Google doesn't like blogs, etc. I assert that is not true. Content is King. If your content is compelling, the host platform is immaterial. One day I hope to write an article refuting some of the Wordpress vs. Blogger misinformation that is circulating, probably written by Wordpress enthusiasts, and thus biased. 

Not a Blogger enthusiast at the moment

I'm not a blogger enthusiast at the moment but I put the blame on me. I've been the Wordpress route and its better in many places, but can be justly criticized in others. Wix, for example, would not have been able to make inroads upon the Wordpress world if Wordpress were absolutely the best. There are plenty of other Content Management Systems. Joomla for example. 

Day 10, Stay safe, Dan