Blogger Template Keep It Simple

I have vowed to keep my Blogger Template simple. I'm still stymied by a template or theme to use in this blog. This is a thousand mile trip and some days you take more steps than others. I did learn quite a few things even if things are going slowly.  This is likely to be a very non-linear process.

Photo of Snail Representing Slow Progress on this website.
Progress has been Slow. (Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash)

This Weblog Writer Struggles to Stay on Point

The purpose of this blog is to mainly to record the blogging activity of interest to other bloggers. To take you along on the journey. It does not have to be fancy. It does not have to have the latest widgets. There are some very cool themes out there. 

Google Blogger Templates are not like Wordpress Templates.

WordPress has PHP and MySQL and swapping themes is a matter of uploading a theme, making a few adjustments, and the results are generally favorable.  If the theme doesn't work, try another.

It seems that the themes I have been testing in Blogger with the same technique I had used formerly in Wordpress are not working because previously used themes leave behind "gadgets" that must be removed or the upset the layout of the new theme. So, at no point was any of my data lost (not that I have much at this point), but the results I got on the screen by changing to third-party, non-Google, template were not pretty. At one point I opened up a new blog in Blogger (a trivial process) and copied over a virgin HTML template to start anew.

Several hours later I'm getting the hand of it, and learning for what I want to do, I may not need a third-party template.

Selecting a Template has been a time-waster.

There's a big difference between "wants" and "needs". Content is king, not presentation. However, presenting a gift in a nicely wrapped gift-box helps.  So, I haven't selected my "gift-box" yet, but when I do I will announce it here. 

Photo of sole runner running into sunset with no finish line in sight.
The finish line is far away. Sage Friedman on Unsplash

So much to do.
Day 6, Stay Safe, Dan