Blogger Theme Selected

I purchased the Sana Premium Theme and then modified it. I am still modifying it. This is not going to a endorsement, or affiliate link.  

The "donor" theme. LOL. I've modified it.

There really nothing wrong with the theme if you use it out-of-the-box, but I didn't want to. And that is one area where Wordpress will excel over Blogger. 

I get the impression that Wordpress is hundreds of thousands of more lines of code than Blogger.  Things are possible in Blogger, and there are plenty of bloggers who have shared their problems and solutions on the web. 

I'm not sure that I would tell a novice user to use Blogger over Wordpress.  My hope is that when I get out of this design phase I'll be able to produce content easily without having to focus on the admin portion of it. The admin portion of blogging is really annoying.  I can remember many days of Wordpress challenges. Frequently, Wordpress would push a security update which then start the update snowball. Updating Wordpress would mean that plug-ins would need to be updated. Updating plug-ins would not go well and now a working site was transformed into technical problem that needed to resolved. 

Day 8, Stay safe, Dan