How To Get Google to Index Your Page Now!

How to Get Google to Read a Newly Created Page

You have just finished a post. Your website has already been indexed by Google, but you want to make sure that Google knows you have new information. The answer is use the URL inspection tool on Google Search Console.

How to Get Google to Re-index a Revised Page

So, whether seeking to index a page for the first time or seeking to get Google to re-index a modified page, the answer is the same.  You want to request re-indexing using the "URL inspection" tool in Google Search Console.

Three Steps to Get a Page Indexed by Google

Access Google Search Console

You will need access to the Google Search Console. If you do not have access to this page because your are not the site owner, you will not be able to use this technique.

Select URL inspection

Submit the URL of the Page you wish to get Google to read.

Some Caveats about Using Google URL inspection

- If you have more than a few to re-index submit a sitemap. 

- It can take several hours.

- Resubmitting the same URL does not speed things up.

- There is a quota on individual pages so use a sitemap if you have more than a few.