Resolutions and Writing and Ranking

I am struggling to keep up with my resolve to write daily on this blog. I have not given up yet. I have wanted to switch to Wordpress over my theme issues. 

What keeps me from doing it is that somewhere there is a notebook that I kept with the process of maintaining a Wordpress Website. I remember days of entries over a migration issue. I wanted to migrate the website from one hosting company to another and not lose photographs. The site was only a few hundred pages and yet some migration tools would choke on it. I finally did succeed in finding one but it was not worth the hassle. 

This blog was only part of the Resolution

Rock with the word "Smile" painted on it representing an easy resolution to keep, i.e. smile more.
An Easier-to-Keep Resolution (Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

The New Year's Resolution about Weblog Writing was to create a Weblog in which to record the results of other website creations. The blog about blogging, if you will, was not to be about this website. It still isn't. However, the idea is that I will get this website setup as I like and it will help complete the resolution.

Are there other Weblog Writer's with Resolutions?

I wonder. I think I'm uniquely situated for ranking about blogging and writing. The domain name,, is short and contains the words 'weblog' and 'writer'. Webmasters and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are always trying to achieve better Search Engines Result Page. The Google algorithm is revealed to us in Google's patent application, but it mutates and evolves. It is a webmaster's challenge to understand it. The truth of the matter is that no amount of manipulation will ever last.  Write combeling content, and write frequently, and the Google spider will return to your website to crawl your data.

What was your personal resolution regarding weblog writing?

Did you make a weblog resolution? I have shared mine. If you are reading this, you can comment about your resolution. It means you found this page. Perhaps because you searched for resolution and weblog and writing. You see, Google is attempting to understand you, but Google is a machine. "Artificial Intelligence", as we see it in science fiction, is still many years off. There are already calls for a new test, however, because the Turing Test, has almost been met. People are increasingly fooled that they are talking to a human when they are talking to a computer.

My resolution to create websites has evolved.

Weblogging or blogging about website creation was my original intent but I am going a bit extreme in this post. What you have been reading is actually a short rambling discourse about resolution and weblog writing. If you have found it interesting, well, that's good, but there is an alternative motive. Think back to how you found this page. Did you run a search. Were there any unique words in it? Why did this page crawl to to the top of your Google Search. Ther

There may be other pages about resolutions written by weblog writers. 

Is this the best page that Google could find about weblog writer's resolution?  It might be. Of course, I'm partial. I wrote it. Why did this one rank where ever it did? Might it be the frequency with which the word resolution is used in conjunction with writing a blog? Might it be the fact that resolution appears in the major headings of the page? 

One Writer's Weblog Resolution does not make another.

You'll need to find your own reason resolve. Your own motivation. My motivation in this rambling post was simple. I noticed that resolution and weblog and writer is what the Google algorithm has identified as important in the seven pages that have been indexed so far by Google. (The spider has visited all the pages but all the pages will not show up in the index.  One should not expect them to do so.) 

Blogger! Feed your Resolution by Writing.

There's an old Chinese saying, or so that's the way it was said to me year's ago, "you are what you do".  If you want to be a writer, you must write. So many bloggers are dreamers. I've been a dreamer about my niche websites. I hope this is the year that I stop lurking, listening to webcasts about blogging without actually having a blog on my own. I'm sure some of you who will be reading this are in the same boat.

May the Resolution about Writing and Blogging Consume You.

I mean that in a good way. Choose a passion and pursue it. If you have no interest in the subject then it doesn't matter that your keyword searches show it is an underserved niche. If it is to be your niche, you must want to write about it.  

Some Concluding Thoughts from a Weblog Writer's Resolution.

I've not exhausted this topic. I have barely scratched the surface. I'll probably write about my resolution again and link to it. I'll probably comment in future posts about the Google ranking of this post or lack thereof. This has a been an experiment. There are many things I can do to improve this post. It should have points and subpoints. It should have a table of contents. It should have bookmarks which link to other places in this document. It should have links to other posts on the website, if I had them. So, why might this post do well if it does? It has 10 h2 posts all containing resolution and weblog and writing. Its more redundant than I'd like, but it was done on the fly in about 45 minutes.

Holy Weblog Writing Resolutions.Batman.

Day 11, Stay safe, Dan