This Weblog Writer Makes a Rookie SEO Mistake

Content is King

The truth is you need content. Somehow, you going to have to produce content. Whether you produce that content yourself or hire others to do it, at the end of the day it is words on the screen that will bring readers. 

Beginners, and I include myself in that list, often want to focus on the format and style and not the content. What template should I use? What font? How many words? Should I optimize my pages using Yoast? 

The bitter truth is you have too little content. Too few words. Your entire website, strip out the photographs, the fonts, the links, reduce it down to ASCII text and you just have very little word count.  You must write to be a writer. What style you use, what font you select, maybe even the platform (Wordpress or Blogger or Drupal or ?) isn't keeping you from ranking in Google. In the end, you have too few words. 

Unique Content is Queen

If content is king, then unique content must be queen. I make a terrible mistake. Luckily, I can rectify it in short order.

Making a Brand

I thought I would be clever and include the phrase "Diary of a Weblog Writer" on every post to the Journal. I would also make this a Major Heading , "<H2>", in each and every post, along with another phrase, "The WeblogWriter Journey", which would also be a H2 heading. In this way, I'd brand all my posts. 

Well, Sunkist does want Tuna with Good Taste, it wants Tuna that Tastes Good.

Well, it backfired.  Google now retrieves all the pages. In fact, I've been very satisfied with the frequency of visits from the Google spider. My website is crawled by the Google spider quite frequently and new content is indexed. 

Duplicate Content?

However, my catch phrase "Diary of a Weblog Writer" when used as a search term in Google produces a page that displays 2 of the pages and the rest are indexed as "duplicate content". They're simply too similar.  A few hundred words of content about blogging does not need the repetition. 

Too Similar to Your Other Posts!

My theory is that these phrases has made Google classify the posts as very similar. Indeed, as I think about it, The repetition of the phrase on every page as a <H2> header was not a good idea. My posts are not that long. There used to be a page "how Google sees your webpage". I should look for it and write about it.

Screenshot of redundant text phrases on pages
Did having the same H2 tag on each page cause this? Stay tuned.

How to Fix It

So, a plan has been born. I remove the catch phrases from every post. It's only 18 or so posts.  I will resubmit the sitemap, and check in a few days for "Diary of a Weblog Writer".  I will create one "Diary of Weblog Writer" post. For now, I am going to forego "- WeblogWriter" in the Title of post.

I'll update you in a few days, 

Day 16, Stay safe, Dan