Why I'm Not Concerned about Traffic...Yet

I'm not yet concerned about traffic. Don't get me wrong, more traffic is better than less traffic, but traffic is based upon content. With only 14 entries of content, this site does not yet have an audience. 

Time exposure of traffic on interstate representing Internet traffic.
Photo by Robin Pierre on Unsplash

My expectation is that the audience will grow as the content grows. it is curious that daily visits, probably by bots, dropped from 80 a day to 1 yesterday. This suggests that there might be a technical issue. 

My TOC plug-in.

I've decided to use a TOC plug-in. For small posts such as this one, I do not expect it to help much. One can scan the material fast enough without using a TOC.

What is a Table of Contents?

A table of contents on an HTML page consists of internal links to other places on the page. One can generate a table of contents (TOC) manually or with a plug-in. The plug-in can be manual, automatic, or a combination of manual and automatically generated links. 

Day 14, Stay Safe, Dan