WeblogWriter is my 2021 New Year's Resolution

After years of 'lurking', of reading and following niche marketing gurus explain how you too can make big money by placing "tiny little ads" in newspapers, I've decided to create some niche websites.  It's well past time to get in the water.

Photo of hidden alligator in swamp representing me lurking and not participating
Blogging and me. Me lurking and waiting, not participating Photo by John Boyer @ FreeImages.com

You may not recognize the "tiny little ads" reference.  (It comes from the tragic life Don LaPre. I'll write about him later.) 

Niche Marketing...Curb Your Enthusiasm

It explains why I've been lurking.  I never believed Don LaPre, but I enjoyed the energy behind his infomercials. He was more entertaining than the TV shows.) 

Man with reading glasses looking skeptical
Skeptical...(photo by Bob Smith @ freeimages.com.)

The skeptic in me in says no this doesn't really work and if the hucksters were so successful at it, then why wouldn't they be doing it?

Sure, for legitimacy, some, maybe all, still own niche websites, but I suspect many are resting on their laurels, having outsourced the blogging to others. 

Those who do, do. Those who can't, teach. 

The money seems to be in "teaching and preaching", not writing blogs about 'Do sea-monkeys make good pets."

Why would they be wasting their time selling courses on investing in the stock market, flipping cars, making money on ebay, etc.? 

Photo of hand receiving dollar bills
Sufi Nawaz@FreeImages.com

A Skeptic wonders...

The answer I come up with is that perhaps the real money is in misleading people into following a plan that they themselves aren't following. That is, that they are making more money telling you about how they made money selling stock or flipping houses or making niche websites than they ever did actually doing whatever it is that they're now teaching.  

If I can convince you to buy "The Art of Deal", I don't have to actually have to deal at all.  (And, if you're a Trumpster, his ghostwriter apologizes saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "I must be a good writer. You believed me. I am sorry."

I have doubts, and my name is not Thomas.

As you can see, I have plenty of doubts.  If my choice of  "loaded terms", words that bring up negative connotations, I'm sorry. If I'm successful, I may write a follow-up to this article. I hope to be able to declare I was wrong. Self-doubt is a terrible thing. Attitude, may not be everything, but  it is very important. 

I should mention that this blog is not running on Wordpress. I'll write an article why.

I have an itch to reveal my niche, but I'm not scratching.

I'll not reveal my niches, at least not in the beginning. The reason is simple. Competition. I want to be a big fish in a little pool. If we all get in the same pool, i.e. you try to follow-me because you have nothing better to do, the pool gets crowded, there's less 'link juice' water for me, and we both give up and do something else for a living and/or hobby.

Reading glasses sitting on page of open book

So, welcome to Weblog Writer.

 It's my 2021 Covid-2019 jump into the niche website marketing. Its the blog about my blogging efforts  There's some circular logic here. I'm going to be writing about niche marketing but while I'm at it I'm going to being doing this blog, too. 

Blogging about blogging.

It may be that 'blogging about blogging' is more popular than anything niche I might to choose to blog about, and so, I might soon discover the reason successful bloggers are spending their time "teaching" blogging, rather than spending their time in their niches.  It may be simply a numbers game. 

Day 2, Stay Safe, Dan