Website Status Report

In this new category, I'm going to keep track of  my current problems, dislikes, challenges, etc.

What's Going Well

Traffic continues to increase. 

New posts are indexed soon after they appear. So, I think bloggers may be mistaken about what their

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

problem is with Google. The problem is not that Google has failed to read their pages, it is that Google has failed to find anything of value in them. So, how to increase the importance of the content in the eyes of the Google spider, that's a whole different question and a much longer answer.  It has to do with the authority of the website.

Page speed remains high.

Despite adding many photographs, the Google Blogger platform is blazingly fast compared to what I've seen on my Wordpress sites. Now this could be my Wordpress hosting companies, but I believe as traffic increases so does one hosting expenses. I don't believe the Blogger platform will result in the same escalating costs. 

My Current Dislikes 

Menu System

I just noticed that my menu system has dates. I'm modified the hot posts widget to be a category menu system. I'll have to fix this.  

A Better Blogger Menu System

I've not begun the search yet, but I will.

Current Menu System is Limited to 4 Labels

I've not attempted to modify the theme design to include a 2nd row of hot posts.

TOC system

I  need to figure out a way to include the Table of Contents to every post. It is now an additional couple of steps. Not onerous, but an automatically TOC would be much slicker.