Whatever Works When Altering the Main Post Loop

The Static Pages Are Displaying

The 'pages are displaying' I had to change my code in the Blog1 post loop. I'm not certain why my code did not work. I may post my snippet to stackoverflow.com.  Coding Blogger is not what I want to be doing. Coding challenges are a great puzzle for me.  They suck me in a like a black hole sucks in light. I have to push myself away and say "good enough".

Artist's black hole representing where time goes when trying to figure out coding problem.
Coding puzzles suck away time. (Photo by John Paul Summer on UnSplash)

Don't Look Too Close

So, until I discover a glitch, I have my posts appearing on the posts page, and my pages appear, and my bizarre menu system that is not a menu system but a post and a label that redirects to the label that I am using as a category, that is all working.  

What is a name? 

I've made a editing change to use "Weblog Writer" where "Weblogwriter" was previously in use. I have updated the posts. Now that's an interesting question. 

In Wordpress, because all pages are inside a SQL database, it is possible to do a search and replace on the entire database (website) in seconds. I am not that is possible in Blogger. One could probably export the website and then do a search-and-replace through the xml file and then import the database. No need at present, my site is too small.

What is on the WeblogWriter.com To-Do List?

  1. I'm not happy with the appearance of the top of the page on single posts. 
    1. The graphic is too small
    2. A solid bar of color may me better.
    3. Drop down menu needs to be defined
  2. Table of Contents
    1. I want the posts to have a table-of-contents.
      1. This is primarily a way to link items within the posts. I believe it helps the Google crawler identify important parts of the posts.
        1. (But Dan, none of your posts are important. Well, in the big scheme of thing, reader, we're all insignificant.)
Day 12, Stay Safe, Dan