Does your blog suffer from irregularity?

 Irregularity. Does your blog suffer from irregularity? 

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My blog does. It sounds like a personal problem doesn't it. And since this blog is just me, it IS a personal problem However, irregularity is not what you think. It's not a sign that you need to see a doctor, or visit the pharmacy for some psyllium husk powder.

How do you fix blog post irregularity?

Well, how I intend to fix it is by more frequent posting, but just saying that isn't enough. One has to make posting to the blog a habit. 

How do you develop a blogging habit?

Ah, that's a loaded question.  There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts and self-help texts purporting to have found the secret to creating good habits. I'll update this post when I have mastered the problem. Recognizing you have a problem with the regularity of your blog posts is the first thing to achieving mastery of it.

Why is regular blog posting important?

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In a short answer, traffic. I see a regular upsurge in traffic every time I make a new post. It does not seem to matter what subject I choose, there's a upsurge in traffic after a post.  If I do not post for days or weeks I can see a dramatic decrease in traffic. 

A case study in regularity.

I'm going to do a case study on this blog on the benefits of regular posting. I figure this will be an incentive to post regularly. Missing a day will mean I'll have to start over.  So, no time like the present, the case study begins today, 02/18/2021 and will end in 10 days.  There will be at least one post per day.  

Will my posts be regular like clockwork?

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Some pundits argue that your posts should be scheduled to appear at a particular time of day every day/week. They expound that their are regular readers who will develop a habit of reading your latest posts. I'm not saying this isn't true. I'm just saying it will be hard enough, for me, to meet the 1 post a day requirement based upon my performance to date. So, that will have to be 2nd post study.

Make posting part of your regular routine?

We all have patterns. I like to think of myself as "footloose and fancy free", but the truth is I get up the same time every morning, eat 3 meals a days, sleep less than I should, etc. So, denying the existence of patterns is not the problem. The problem is more likely the unwillingness to be assign another "taskmaster", a chore, like taking the garbage out, that must be done, rain-or-shine. 

What do I expect to happen as a result of regular blog posts?

I believe that regular blog posts will generate substantial traffic. It has been my observation that traffic goes up after a post. I believe it is any post. I do not intend to control for post topic. This might be a 3rd case study, lol.

Let us propose three case studies.

1) Posting at least one post per day for 10 days straight.

2) Posting at least one post per day at a particular time of day.

3) Posting in tips and tricks rather than this journal.

So, let this be the first post. 

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I will also document how one can submit individual posts to Google Search Console for 'live' indexing.

Stay safe,