Regular Posting is a Problem

I am postponing the case study for now.

In my post about having an irregular post schedule, I talked about the traffic spikes I was seeing immediately after making a post.  I proposed doing a case study of my results after publishing a post every day for 10 days straight. That was 2 days ago. So, I'm postponing that case study for now. All is not lost. I have a new plan.

I will queue up 10 posts first.

That's the new plan.I will put ten posts in draft mode and then release one a day. This will remove the pressure to post everyday. I find that with weblog writing one should "strike when the iron is hot". There are times when the writing and blogging ideas flow quickly, and I should take advantage of those times. So, when I have then posts queued up I will start the case study.

How many pages has Google indexed on my website?

Do you use the "site:" command in Google to determine how many of your pages have been indexed by Google? I do, and I'm finding that you may be discouraged or pleasantly surprised based on how you running the command. As you know, when you are logged into Google, Google knows who are are and returns results based upon your web activity. There are many variables that affect what you see. 

If you want to see your true results, then check out my post about the Google site: command. 

I'm Theme Shopping Again

I'm not happy with this website's template. I stumbled across one I liked better, but didn't bookmark it. Argh!

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