Small Changes Today

 Just some small changes to the site today. 

Theme Changes

I de-emphasized the labels/categories. Since Google's Googlebot Spider seems to find all my individual posts within a day of posting, the idea that I would get some additional use from having the same posts in many labels was mistaken. I don't think labels have much of an influence at all upon the Googlebot and they were annoying me, so I have stopped using so many labels.

This theme has four "Hot Posts" across the top of the page. I had modified the theme to be "Hot Labels" and thus it worked like a giant menu. I have reverted to the original code, since I'm less interested in "Labels".  (If I discover some benefit to labels, I may revisit them, but labels are not keywords, and so putting lots of labels on your posts does not help search engine optimization. Or in my opinion, readability or organization either.)

I just realized the Table of Contents code is missing from the refresh of the theme. I'm going to go fix it now.

Stay Safe,