Just a Quick Update for April

Just a quick update for what will be happening in April with this website.  I've been working on some things related to this weblog. They're in the queue.

Sliders or Slideshows 

I generally believe they're a nuisance and not good for SEO. I've found some analysis by others that seems to back that up. Nevertheless, I've a pet project obsession that requires a slideshow and I'll be posting it here later this month.

Dates on posts

I generally don't want the dates to appear on the posts but for this diary/journal entry, the dates make sense. I need to research how to enable the dates on posts to the journal only. 

Blogger slideshows 

Most jquery code works fine in Blogger. I'm finding that add-ins are not as available as the WordPress market, but finding ways around it. I specifically wanted the "ken burns" effect in my pet slideshow project.

Blogger Post Queue 

I've been putting my post ideas as draft posts. ,Ideally, I can just select one to flesh out. I'd still like to post on a daily schedule, but that will only happen when I have lots of completed posts in inventory. Right now, my slideshow obsession takes up my blogging time.

Sprouts in a garden signifying springtime.
Springtime is here. (Photo by Maryna Bohucharska on Unsplash)