The Mystery of Metatags - How Many Metatags Does Your Website Need?

I asked Yoast.  It said 17.

I asked my theme. It said 9... 

I looked at other websites. 19, 20,22, 26

Most hovered around twenty.

To date,  my personal best is a site  I encountered with 55 metatags. 

In WordPress, most trust Yoast, but how do we know if Yoast is doing it right? 

If we are happy with our websites ranking then Yoast must be doing a good job?

If we are unhappy, it is probably not the metatags that are keeping our webpage from ranking. 

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What is SEO Friendly?
What is SEO Optimized?
What is SEO Enabled?

Does a Friendly beat an Optimized? Is three SEO Enabled, and two SEO Friendly a full house?

With regards to metatags at least, it seems to me each theme writer does his/her own thing. 

In Blogger, as opposed to WordPress, there are no add-ins. 

At least, not add-ins that a WordPress user would recognize. 

Nevertheless, I have found a metatag add-in for Blogger!

I have not yet implemented it.  

I will write more when I try to boost metatags on this theme.

I asked a guru. 

He said you are looking for love in all the places. 

Why is your domain authority so low? 

If your domain authority were higher, you would not worry about  metatags. 

Does CNN worry about their metatags?  

"Your focus is misguided. You need to write more. You need to write better. You need to write faster. ", said the expert. 

More, more, more, is what I thought...sounds like the sound track of a bad adult movie.

The guru said, "You need to produce bad content faster. Eventually, even the dumbest fly finds some dung."

Nevertheless, I will continue to explore metatags. 

Metatags are easier than backlinks.