Brian Laundrie Links (Updated)

Brian Laundrie Links (Updated)

This is unrelated to blogging or web content production. I wanted a quick list to links about this news story, so I created my own.

This is the second page devoted to the Brian Laundrie - Gabby Petito story. I will consolidate the pages in the future.

Did Brian Laundrie Accidently Go Live on Instagram?

The story of Brian Laundrie's Instagram account going live and displaying water and what seems to be a jon boat is of doubtful origin. I have only come across one person who had video and he would not disclose how he obtained it, despite several requests in the comments to do so.  So, I would  not waste time pursuing that avenue unless I hear from a more reputable source that it is being investigated. 

What is Brian Laundrie's TikTok Account?

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito used this account on TikTok. NomadicStatik TikTok