Brian Laundrie Links

Brian Laundrie Links

This is unrelated to blogging or web content production. I wanted a quick list to links about this news story, so I created my own.

Can the parents of Brian Laundrie be charged?

While the public does not like the way the Laundrie family has behaved in regards to Gabby Petito, authorities say the parents are unlikely to be charged.

Attorney says parents of Brian Laundrie unlikely to be charged.

What is a Spotify account?

Spotify is a Swedish audio-streaming service. It allows you to listen to commercial music and share your playlist with others. One doesn't buy the music as in the days of old whereby one would buy a DVD. It has a different funding mechanism. You can sign up for Spotify to see the NomadicStatik playlist.

 According to Wikipedia, "Unlike physical or download sales, which pay artists a fixed price per song or album sold, Spotify pays royalties based on the number of artist streams as a proportion of total songs streamed. It distributes approximately 70% of its total revenue to rights holders (often record labels), who then pay artists based on individual agreements." How Spotify works.

Where is Brian Laundrie's Spotify account?

I have not found an account for Brian. The account that Brian uses is this one under Gabby Petito's name. Brian Laundrie used Gabby Petito's Spotify account. The name of the account is the same as their van-life enterprise, "NomadicStatik". The NomaticStatik Spotify account.

Where is Gabby Petito's Spotify account?

Gabby Petito used this Spotify account. 

What is NomadicStatik's Spotify account? 

Spotify is a way to listen to music. You can stream music to your phone. NomadicStatik was the name of the travel vlog of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, They listened to music and shared their music with their followers. The NomaticStatik Spotify account.

Do we know that Brian Laundrie is still alive?

Might Spotify have shown us that Brian Laundrie is still accessing his Spotify account while on the run?

Perhaps. A Youtuber, Joseph Morris, has noticed that the playlist called "Self-Consumption" has been renamed to null yesterday (9/20). Joseph Morris talks about the Spotify changes.  The playlist is still accessible.  

Brian Laundrie's Spotify playlist.

What is Brian Laundrie's parent's business? 

Brian's parents, own Juicer Services, Inc, in North Park, Florida. It sells, repairs, and services commercial juicers. 

What is Brian Laundrie's Instagram account?

Brian Laundrie has an Instagram account called "bizarre_design_ ". Access bizarre_design_

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a way for users to share photographs and videos. It has a social networking feature in that users share their photos and videos on Instagram (IG) with each other. You can follow other IG users and be notified when they upload photographs and videos. It is owned by Facebook. 

Is Brian Laundrie in Puerto Rico?

Some users of the service report that the account changed for a while to Puerto Rico. There is a geotagging feature of that shows the location from which the account was last accessed. AllTrails recently showed Bayamón, Puerto Rico.  Some IG users report that the Instagram account briefly showed water, as if someone is on a boat/ See Joseph Morris youtube video above.

What is Brian Laundrie's AllTrails Account?

Gabby Petito used the Alltrails application almost daily. This is believed to be the Gabby's Alltrails account.
Gabby Petito's Alltrail account showing access from Puerto Rico.

Who is the attorney for the Laundrie family?

Stephen Bartolino out of Long Island. He is the attorney who has been used by Brian's parents in the past. Here is the Stephen Barolino website.